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Ivory Coast Tektite very unusual, rare ,Ivory Coast strewnfield

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Description:uni code 10890 33x40x10mm

from a collection in wales most have now been sold however a few tektites and meterorites remain to be sold .

There are only a handful of locations where tektites are found on Earth. By far the most rarest are those from the Ivory Coast strewnfield. These are believed to have been formed during the impact event which created Bosumtwi Meteorite Crater in Ghana.

you can see a hole where the university tested it and compared it to others in the uni collection and have a letter of proof to go with item

A Tektite is a rare natural glass formed when an asteroid strikes the Earth. Tektites can be found at at least five widely separated locations on the Earth. Not everything about how the glass forms is fully understood adding to the charm and mystery of this rare material

Tektite glass being made of the rock material which was targeted by the asteroid naturally has characteristics of that material. So some differences in color and texture are seen in the various locations where they are found. The other four strewnfields of tektite glass are Texas where the black Bediasites are found, Georgia where the beautiful yellow-green Georgiaites are recovered, the Ivory Coast of Africa where the appropriately named Ivory Coast tektites are found and one small strewnfield in Europe which deserves its own description. In the Czech Republic are two areas where Moldavite tektite glass is found. The locations are Moravia, and Bohemia. The Moravian type are far more famous since they are the wonderful vibrant green. They are often beautifully etched and sculptured when found. Used for hundreds of years in jewelry these are prized still today for their color and form. The Bohemian Moldavites are usually brown in color and much rarer than their Moravian cousins. That scarcity makes them objects sought after by tektite collectors whenever they are available.

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